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Informing Nike’s regional marketing strategies for Crowd DNA

Nike launched their Motherhood Collection in Western sizing across North America and AMEA and has been looking to introduce their products to Asian markets. With this, they sought to better understand the beliefs, barriers, and triggers along a mother’s journey as well as the cultural context that shapes local narratives of motherhood, sports, and fitness in the Philippines.

I was tapped to be a member of KIN, Crowd DNA’s network of freelance collaborators who provide the team with cultural intel on trends and topics they’re researching. Since joining their group last March 2022, I have accomplished the following tasks:

  • Identified cultural drivers as well as dominant and emergent trends that shape the landscape of motherhood in the Philippines

  • Presented suggestions for key messaging strategies for potential marketing campaigns based on target market’s online activity

  • Participated in an intensive one-hour interview to present findings and explore the identified themes


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