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Content Strategy

I connect ever-changing audiences to brands I know they will love, whether it's through building virtual communities or attempting to go viral on TikTok.

Building new platforms for the data storytelling community at Kontinentalist

I first joined Kontinentalist as an editorial and marketing intern towards the end of my college life, focusing mainly on longform and microstories as well as the occasional copywriting and email outreach. After my successful five-month stint, I was offered a year-long fellowship, which exposed me to different functions of the organization and projects in community-building and company expansion.

General copywriting

​Throughout my time in Kontinentalist, I have learned to lean into their distinct voice — simple yet engaging, story-driven and always empathetic — and use it to break down seemingly complicated concepts for a broad audience. I've worked on:

  • Instagram microstories: shorter versions of our longform pieces that taught me to keep my sentences snappy

  • Data Deep Dive episodes: our series that aims to demystify everything from visual grammar to data ethics

  • Social media copy, that requires me to shape shift across multiple platforms for different audiences

  • Client projects with organizations such as the German Information Centre (GIC)



There exists a gap between data and the public: readers often don’t know where to find reliable sources or how to make sense of them. While this could be bridged by quality data storytelling, many find the process daunting and tedious and aren’t always sure where to start. As an editorial studio that produces data-driven stories about Asia, Kontinentalist understood these unique pain points and decided to build a publishing tool to address them.


Lapis aims to spearhead quality data storytelling by focusing on craft, collaboration, and community: providing the tools and templates, real-time functionalities, and feedback space required to get creative ideas off the ground. As a UX writer, I accomplished the following tasks:

  • Collaborated with the product development team to deeply understand Lapis’ functionalities and develop user-centric copy for all elements within the tool’s UI

  • Designed and wrote onboarding flows that guide new users through the tool’s features

  • Crafted comprehensive learning resources and marketing materials such as blog posts and articles

  • Planned marketing strategy, sourced KOLs and potential partner organizations, and provided additional copywriting to support the product launch



Over the past few years, Kontinentalist has strived to cultivate a community for all data storytelling practitioners and enthusiasts. They’ve held talks, workshops, and events; launched an Instagram series to help improve data literacy; and partnered up with over 40 organizations to amplify social causes in Asia. In the spirit of forging even more meaningful connections in a sustainable way, the organization decided to create a membership program.


Paying members across all three tiers have access to exclusive behind-the-scenes content, the team’s monthly newsletter, cool merchandise, and even an annual dinner party. As part of the content and marketing team, I accomplished the following tasks:

  • Ideated and crafted content for the membership program, including but not limited to blog posts and articles

  • Spearheaded the launch of the company’s TikTok channel: conceptualized, filmed, and edited three videos with a quick turnaround time; conducted a performance audit and competitive analysis and proposed video ideas and series to increase viewership and follower engagement

  • Assisted in copywriting and content strategy for the membership launch marketing campaign

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