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Providing insights on cultural phenomena for Canvas8

Canvas8 is one of the world’s leading independent insight partners with thousands of members across 20+ markets. The firm combines strategy, research, behavioral science, and foresight around human behavior and culture to help brands understand people better. Since being tapped to join their practice last July 2023, I have worked on case studies and reports about a wide variety of topics, including:

  • SB19, the most popular boyband in the Philippines, and the P-pop phenomenon as a whole

  • Singles’ Day, China’s most massive shopping season with sales that surpass Black Friday and Amazon’s Prime Day combined

  • Technological advancements in Korea, including 5G implementation and hyper-personalized AI customer experiences

  • Angkas, the Philippines’ leading motortaxi service, and their use of moment marketing to appeal to the modern commuter and consumer

  • Gen Z’s dwindling financial literacy rates, the factors that caused it, and the measures social institutions and individuals can take to reverse their effects

  • Tech-enabled coffee chains in Southeast Asia and how their presence reshapes physical cafe culture in the region

Putting these articles together requires rigorous research as well as conversations with subject matter experts to identify salient themes and suggest potential connection points for companies and their audience – all within a quick turnaround time.


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