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Revamping communication strategies for Teach for the Philippines

Teach for the Philippines experienced a drastic shift in the way they gather and cascade information due to the unstable sociopolitical climate that accompanies election season. These conditions necessitated a communications audit across the organization’s functional teams to ensure intentionality and lateral alignment when interfacing with those within and outside TFP.

During my two-month stint as a public relations and communications intern under the marketing and events team, I accomplished the following tasks:

  • Crafted and disseminated a survey to assess the Function Teams’ communication channels along with their needs, pain points, and best practices

  • Collected and analyzed data from all eight departments and recommended strategies to improve internal and external messaging

  • Organized and maintained the database of results and created visualizations to present information clearly and concisely

Outside of my responsibilities for this project, I also:

  • Conducted a comprehensive social media audit for FY 2021-2022 across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram; recommended best practices to aid in the revival of the company’s LinkedIn page

  • Put together two comparative event research reports to strengthen future recruitment efforts and pitched findings to the Senior Leadership Team


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