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About Me

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Hi! I’m Angel. I speak with interesting people for a living and strategize how to best tell their stories.


Rumor has it that I came out of my mother's womb with a pen and paper in hand. I would make my own version of storybooks, fashioned from stapled sheets of bond paper my mom would bring home from the office. After years of hopping from Wordpress to Weebly and shouting into every single void there was, I started freelancing during the pandemic. My first ever article was about stanning boy groups destined for disbandment.


Since then, my work has inspired readers from local and international publications like VICE, i-D, Vox, and Teen Vogue. As someone whose coming-of-age has been influenced by external, virtual factors, I'm drawn to examining how we shape and are shaped by the pop culture we consume. I've done the occasional review, event coverage, and profile too! My dream career assignment would be to spend a day with Harry Styles.

While I am definitely in my comfort zone with the written word, 
I am keen to discover the multitude
of ways one can tell a story.

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Last 2022, I graduated with a degree in Communications Technology Management from Ateneo de Manila University. Throughout my stay, I learned and practiced the art of crafting end-to-end, consumer-centric marketing campaigns that connect us to brands we love. My most recent and memorable stint thus far was a year-long fellowship at Kontinentalist, where I learned the crucial role of intentional design and data in making issues easier to care about.


Today, I'm into a little bit of everything journalism-adjacent: I do trend spotting and analysis for the APAC arm of international behavioral insights agencies like Canvas8 and Crowd DNA. I produce content for Swarm, a tech start-up touted as the future of work, and I also assist in research on AI-powered misinformation and policy readiness in Southeast Asia.


I hope to pursue further studies in the field of social psychology, behavioral design, or cultural analysis and find ways to turn that into a future-ready, forward-thinking type of marketing career. But until then, onboard me for exciting projects or reach out for mentorship or speaker opportunities!

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