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Improving access to rare, life-changing medicines with Cobena Business Analytics & Strategy, Inc.

Following a successful deep dive into their existing patient assistance program, a global pharmaceutical sought our help to improve operational efficiency and financial sustainability, and implement an improved consumer-centric design for their project.

During my seven-month stint as a marketing technology and research intern for the management consulting firm, I accomplished the following tasks:

  • Conducted digital consumer intelligence to draw up the complete patient journey and determine any issues with access

  • Assisted in process mapping to identify gaps, pain points, and bottlenecks in the program’s existing structure

  • Helped in financial modeling to identify opportunities for expansion

  • Pitched findings to C-suite executives and co-facilitated a workshop for senior management to ideate ways forward

Outside of my responsibilities for this project, I also:

  • Monitored the performance of the website of a national shopping mall chain to optimize customer experience

  • Generated bi-weekly reports consisting of consumer sentiments, search trends, and top conversations in the retail industry

  • Received training in the use of digital tools such as Semrush, Digimind, and Microsoft Power BI

  • Spearheaded the company’s first interns bonding session


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